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In the context of permanent developments related to academic accreditations and with the aim of achieving the best international practices required for the Commission to obtain recognition as an academic accreditation body, in line with the continuous developments and work with the Commission, in addition to its quest for excellence and its determinations to carry out its practices in accordance with a declared and governing framework that ensures quality, efficiency, justice, integrity, and transparency, the Center has launched “The National Academic Accreditation and Academic Accreditation Policies Manual in accordance with the best practices, which was reviewed internally and externally through a survey of universities and a selection of external auditors, in addition to a survey of the opinion of international quality bodies and networks. The observations received were considered and presented to the Advisory Committee of the Board of Directors of the Authority. Due to this, it was developed again and is ready to be shared and presented to the Authority’s Board of Directors. The objective of the topic include: 1. Complete requirements for governance of academic accreditation in accordance with international best practices and providing a frame of references to guide decisions and practices. 2. Complete the requirements for obtaining recognition from international bodies. 3. Promote the values of integrity and transparency.

09/12/2021 - 23/12/2021
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Academic Accreditation Policies Project
Education and Training Evaluation Commission - Education and Science Sector
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