Executive Regulations for Meteorology Law

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The project aims to clarify some of the matters referred to by Meteorology Law, issued by the Royal Decree No. (m/86), dated 24/09/1442 Hijri,
The provisions of this Executive Regulations apply to all the persons, and meteorological services, and service providers in the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the beneficiaries of such services .
It comprises ten articles that detail the scope of the National Center for Meteorology pertaining to meteorological services. Also, elaborate on certain provisions from the Meteorological Law particularly the classification and type of meteorological services, rules and conditions of the permits and licenses delivered by the center (i.e. Publishing or selling of meteorological data or reports, benefiting from data or reports issued by the center, installation or operation or re-locating or concession of meteorological stations or networks).

13/03/2022 - 13/04/2022
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Executive Regulations for Meteorology Law
Environment, Agriculture, Water and Living Resources Sector - Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture
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Last Modified Date: 17/03/2022 - 8:30 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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