Tourism System Amendment Project

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The tourism sector is the driving force for achieving the goals of Vision 2030 through its contribution to the three pillars of the vision, which include a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation. The tourism sector will contribute to the first pillar, a vibrant community, by promoting the Kingdom as a destination that attracts 37 million religious’ visitors, enhancing the Islamic values, national identity, and its participation in the second pilar (a thriving economy) by contributing approximately 15% of the GDP, in addition to supporting local and private sectors and attracting foreign direct investment in order to develop and diversify the economy. The tourism sector is also expected to create nearly 2 million jobs, and the tourism sector’s contribution to the third pillar, an ambitious nation. This will be done by enhancing government (non-oil) revenues, which aims to enhance government effectiveness. Understanding this as an important role of the tourism sector, the Ministry has prepared a general strategy for the development of national tourism, which was approved by the Council of Ministries with its Resolution No. (82), 25/1/1441 AH, and based on this ambitious strategy the Ministry of Tourism wanted to conduct a project review and amend the current tourism system.

- 02/01/2021
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Tourism System Amendment Project
Ministry of Tourism - Tourism and Antiquities Sector
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