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You'll learn about heritage treasures at the meeting place of cultures and civilizations at the historic port of Al-Uqair, the first economic gateway to the Arabian Peninsula. You will enjoy a unique experience through a range of events and activities, such as live performances of old businesses, carving heritage sculptures, Al-Ahsa decorations on the sand, fishing, as well as listening to sailors' songs, and marine heritage art shows.

In the Al-Uqair Port Exhibition, you will learn about the gorgeous past through a wide range of photographs that reflect the commercial, economic and cultural importance of the Al-Uqair port. You will learn how to catch fish on the "Fishmen's Harbor" through an integrated experience that includes all the necessary supplies under the guidance of fishermen. In "Sailor's Stage," you will listen to and enjoy traditional art marine songs, which dazzle you with their simple words and harmonious rhythm on the sea waves. You will then move to the beginnings of the renaissance and the means of transportation in the past in the "Classic Cars Exhibition." You will see the types of classic cars with their attractive colors and take the most beautiful pictures next to them. As you pass through the "Caravans Station," you will see camels and how they transport commercial goods. You will also explore the most prominent local maritime industries to learn about the origins of professions from the most skilled Maritime craftsmen in the "Al-Uqair Market." Your children will also participate in the production of sand molds engraved with Al-Ahsa Plaster Inscriptions so that they can learn about the art of their ancestors in a creative and innovative way, in addition to the activity of the little explorer, which promotes the love of search and discovery among children. Finally, you will complete your cultural experience at the "Al-Furdhah" and port's restaurants by enjoying the most delicious seafood and traditional food with a charming view of the beach of Al-Uqair Port.

Old Al Uqayr Port
12/01/2023 - 24/01/2023
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Ministry of Culture
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