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Any entrepreneur. All stages. Everywhere. Whether you have never even thought about launching a start-up or if you already have a Series A round under your belt, the Entrepreneurship World Cup can help you take your next big step.

EWC is all about the entire experience – training, resources, connections, mentorship, and more. On top of that, EWC offers a great number of impactful prizes – more than $1 million in cash prizes total for the global winners plus a combined $75 million worth of in-kind support for the top 100 global finalists, not to mention investment opportunities and awesome resources and perks from our leading partners. In addition to these global prizes, many EWC national competitions offer their prizes.

Since it launched in 2019, the Entrepreneurship World Cup has had 300,000 participants from 200 countries, more than $2 million In cash prizes, and 10,000 hours spent in training.

15/08/2021 - 15/08/2021
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Entrepreneurship World Cup
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