Municipal Investment Forum (Furas)

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 Municipal Investment Forum aims to highlight investment opportunities, build partnerships, and share ideas from leading experiences in the investment world (local, regional and international) in order to attract more municipal investments in their respective governorates.
This forum will host a series of panels presented by well-renowned speakers in the municipal investments. Furthermore, there will be workshops where speakers share their experiences with the audience and vice-versa in order to exchange ideas, gain experiences and deal with challenges related to the field. The forum will also exhibit a wide-array of entities; ranging from public sector institutions (municipal governorates, ministries, etc.) to private sector institutions, mostly dealing with financial establishments. They will showcase projects and investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre
24/02/2020 - 26/02/2020
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Municipal Investment Forum (Furas)
Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
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