The Leading Public Transport Projects in Saudi Arabia Exhibition & Forum 2015

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Within a few years there will be the major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the holy sites in Makkah, the northern and the southern, central and western parts of the Kingdom have a huge network of public transportation civilization that government spotted hundreds of billions of riyals in a comprehensive vision towards economic and social development for a sprawling country and multi wealth and growing population as high compared to global rates.

This pioneer exhibition, which is supported by the participation of bodies and key government supervising the projects implementation of public transport (Metro - trains - stations - facilities - buses) is an event comes in a timely way where these bodies and large projects sectors and local and international partnerships and direct opportunities to build future business relationships with various suppliers and contractors, investors and financiers of these mega projects or with local and international alliances that got the contracts, construction and implementation of the management of each project.

It's actually an opportunity and a platform leading global gathering will offer expertise and investments, products and industries and related materials future to obtain a share in the projects of public transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf countries . They will participate in this event and special invitations will be forwarded to the executive leadership of relevant government projects, public transport in the governments of these regions towards development projects in transport and communications networks.

Riyadh Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center - RICEC , Riyadh
24/05/2015 - 27/05/2015
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The Leading Public Transport Projects in Saudi Arabia Exhibition & Forum 2015
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