Introduction to Islamic Arts: Biomorphic Patterns

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During this three-day course, Artists, Calligraphers, Geometers, and Miniaturist of ages 16 and above are welcomed to be a part of our exclusive journey and indulge in the world of Islamic Art. Each day for five-hours participants will learn how to create Islamic Art using traditional methods. Moreover, they will learn the art of deriving symmetrical biomorphic patterns from ancient Islamic worlds with the use of geometric grids as a foundation structure. Additionally, this will be done free-handedly.

Following the construction of the design, the participants will learn how to experiment with color and traditionally use gold to illuminate the biomorphic patterns. Furthermore, they will gain knowledge regarding preparing and creating the artwork through outlining the biomorphic design with an inked brush.

Nevertheless, they will be educated about the history behind Islamic Arts. With Tahreem Pasha, participants will learn each step including: how to make use of grids, free-hand drawing, mixing colors, and even holding brushes in the correct position.


Throughout this one-of-a-kind course, participants will learn how to conduct the following individually:
1. The fundamental techniques of Islamic Art
2. The creation of beautiful biomorphic patterns
3. The outstanding traditional coloring process of the patterns created
Learning Outcomes:
After completing this immensely educating course, participants will have gained the following:
1. A complete and deep introduction to Islamic Art
2. Various professional methods and techniques to create more amazing Islamic Art pieces in the future"

Ithra - Ithra Tower Level 7 Art Studio
06/09/2022 - 06/09/2022
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Introduction to Islamic Arts: Biomorphic Patterns
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