Introduction to Ceramics and Glazing

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The history of ceramics since the beginning of the first signs of civilization. Students will see images of ceramics made 7,000+ years ago and discuss the change in design and use of ceramics with time and changing needs. During this course, students will learn the main three hand building techniques and learn how to use the electric wheel. Additionally, students will glaze all their pieces and later decorate them again with gold and overglaze.


- Exploring the history of ceramics and the changes over the years
- Introduction to world renowned ceramists
- Learning about expressing freely using clay
- Understanding the different functions of the clay
- Studying the types of clay and firings
- Practicing the three main hand building techniques
- Using rice paper underglaze decal
- Practicing centering the clay on the wheel and creating functional items
- Using underglaze decal
- Acquiring glaze techniques
- Practicing using gold and over glaze


- To be familiar with the history of ceramics around the world and how it defined
- civilizations
- To acknowledge the famous ceramists and see their famous works
- To understand the different firing techniques and clay types
- To gain the potential to use ceramics to build different products and tools for everyday use
- To craft different material such as a: handmade cup and a handmade vase, hand-build tea set,
wheel thrown bowl, cup, plate and others as the participant desire.

Ithra - Ithra Tower Level 7 Ithra Studio
26/09/2022 - 26/09/2022
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Introduction to Ceramics and Glazing
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