Dakar Rally 2022

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The Dakar Rally is heading south. The past two editions, which have focused on touring the deserts of Saudi Arabia, have shown the diversity of the Kingdom's landscapes, across the valleys and cliffs of Neom to the sand dunes surrounding Riyadh, and past the coast of the Red Sea shimmering in endless shades of blue. Seeking challenges worthy of those who will not let anything stop them, the 2022 trail will descend into the Empty Quarter, which is filled with mystery as much as it is with sand. Surrounded by vast expanses of sand and dunes, experts behind the wheel will be able to take advantage of the landscape, provided they make good use of their navigational skills.

Al Rub'a Al Khali, Ha'il
01/01/2022 - 14/01/2022
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Dakar Rally 2022
Ministry of Sports
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Last Modified Date: 26/12/2021 - 10:11 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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