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10x Saudi Leaders is a hybrid program which will give new leaders and people managers the right mindset, skills and competencies required to excel in achieving impact through others. It is offered to new leaders in (a) small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or (b) third sector (non-profit, non-government) organizations.

Note: other sectors will be added in future programs.

The Misk 10x Saudi Leaders program is designed to serve new managers in specific sectors, giving them the right level of knowledge and context to excel in their chosen fields.
10x Saudi Leaders builds foundational leadership skills linked with the 2030 Leaders competency framework. It aims to (1) build successful leadership pipelines, (2) enable leaders to strategize, innovate and operate in different contexts, and (3) cultivate competencies aligned with Vision 2030.

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31/03/2022 -
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10x Saudi Leaders
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