Managing Communication Platforms for Tourism Media

Recreation - Tourism

A training course dedicated to providing the necessary knowledge and skills in managing the communication platforms for tourism media.

What you will learn
-The importance of digital presence for tourism projects
-Communication plan with the target audience.
-Interactive management om communication platforms (responses and comments).
-Tools and applications for managing communication platforms.
-Numeric analysis (statistics) to measure feedback.

Target Audience
-Content professionals and creators.
-Faculties of media and communication.
-Specialists in public relations and media.
-Individuals interested in creating opportunities in tourism media.
-Individuals interested in the field of media and digital marketing.

About the Course
This course includes the importance of acquiring marketing skills through electronic publishing, learning the optimal use of social networks, and the marketing mechanisms of them. In addition, it highlights the techniques available to promote media work and tourism marketing, as well as identifying global trends in the field of media and e-tourism marketing, and the skills of managing media campaigns to support the tourism sector in the Kingdom.

31/05/2021 - 31/05/2021
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Managing Communication Platforms for Tourism Media
Ministry of Tourism
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