Executive regulations for protected areas

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Executive regulations for protected areas

 It aims at managing, organizing and supervising protected areas in order to achieve protection, development, reproduction, resettlement, monitoring of the state of wildlife throughout the Kingdom, identifying mechanisms for conducting studies and research on biodiversity and collecting all information and data necessary to establish a protected area, and how to propose protected areas and planning, in addition to their management and ways of involving the local community in the management and development of these areas, and determining the controls for entering protected areas and benefiting from them through grazing, eco-tourism, and research. Additionally, determining the controls and conditions of methods of removing encroachments and rehabilitation of damaged or degraded areas and habitats within the boundaries of protected areas, establishing projects and regulating investment in protected areas.

  • 25/11/2020 - 20/12/2020
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  • Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture - Environment, Water, Agriculture and Living Resources Sector
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