Riyadh Development Authority Launches Electronic Spatial Data Exchange

Published 1 Feb 2010
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Riyadh Development Authority Launches Electronic Spatial Data Exchange
Riyadh. In its efforts to keep pace with modern developments in technology and implement e-government services among all government  agencies in Riyadh city, Riyadh Development Authority has launched an experimental program for spatial data exchange between the Authority, Riyadh Region Secretariat, National Water Corporation, Saudi Posts and Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC).
Phase I includes specifying the aims and objectives of the project, the necessary requirements and the final design. The project, according to the website of the Authority, is currently undergoing installation of the system by the related Agencies and the take off of the actual application of the transfer of data over the Internet.
The project updates the original  Riyadh Map Data by the participating Agencies each in their specialty, and access any updates that occur on the data through a system based on Internet Data Transfer. Other Agencies can be added to the system. This  project will help raise the efficiency of research and studies preparations and decision-making affecting the various businesses and operational planning of the city and also facilitates  access to this information when necessary especially in times of emergency matters.
The exchange of spatial information means the possibility of participation, access and analysis of information available to any participant, and this is done through a certain mechanism so that each participant retains the specialty of its information and permits access to information by the  participating parties. The Program aims to exchange data of the basic map of Riyadh city through the available information with the participating Agencies and which has a  direct relationship with the location in an easy way and therefore build partnership based on mutual benefit between the various Agencies in the city, and also direct exchange of information between the agencies that rely on spatial information in the performance of their work in the city, and to eliminate duplication and reduce costs and work within the system that determines the responsibility of each agency.
This system  has the ability to link data of each participating Agency with other Agencies regardless of type of software used in the geographic information systems through the use of global standards for the exchange of information using Graphic Markup Language   (GML) which enables the addition of other agencies easily. The system also enables all participants to view any update or modification of information related to them by the producer of that information in addition to the fact that it enables the Agencies to correct and modify  any information related to them, which in turn makes it easy to access updated spatial data  from its original sources.
It should be noted that Riyadh City Development Authority has trained and qualified administrative and technical staff for the spatial data exchange system at the Headquarters of the Authority last month.

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