Establishing an Islamic Media Organization called for by latest International Terrorism Conference

Published 1 Apr 2010
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Establishing an Islamic Media Organization called for by latest International Terrorism Conference

Medina, eMedia:

The participants at the International Conference on Terrorism that concluded yesterday at the Islamic University in Medina, called Ministries of Culture for amending the Media addressing message, and formulating honor convent with which satellite channels should comply to avoid disdaining Islamic values and symbols.
The conference recommendations include that States should honor and support families that have effective role both in protecting their sons from extremist ideology or helping them to return for the right path.
Urging Muslim communities living in non-Muslim States to persuade their siblings to understand, yet with moderateness, Islam and respect others, the conference ask such non-Muslim States to respect rights of those communities and not to be biased when dealing with them.
The conference warns of deviating the group of Muslims, stressing the importance of getting religion's information form Moderate Ulema and keeping away from false misunderstanding and misinterpretations related to many cases such as Takfir (Blaspheming) and Jihad (sacred war). It urges Muslim Youth to spread and defend moderation of Islam on Internet, provided that they should firstly be provided with the right and accurate religious knowledge in addition the culture of quiet dialogue with others.
Asking the extremist groups to fear God and not use Islam as a pretext in their media strayed message, the conference pointed out bad effects and catastrophes afflicting Islam and Muslims as a result of those extremists' unjustified actions.
All Religious Institutions have been asked by the Conference to prepare well-qualified religion's specialists to deliver Islam's educational message as required. Additionally, Educational Institutions all over Islamic Countries should prepare curricula and educational programs to include appropriate materials that help spread and inculcate patriotism in young students in addition to dissemination of Islamic moderation and quiet dialogue with others, the conference concluded.
Among its most important recommendations, the conference appeals for all Islamic and Arabic Mass Media to respect Islamic Identity when publishing their messages. It asked also for the establishment of an International Islamic media Organization to be dedicated to improve the defamed image of Islam and to trace mistaken messages aggressing Islam to correct any false information they may include.
The Muslim rich people have also been appealed by the conference participants to launch satellite channels both in Arabic and other International Dialects to spread accurate and right information about Islam.
Urging Muslim States and Leaders to apply the Islamic Legislation in all aspects of life, the participants commend initiatives of reconciliation taken by many Extremist Groups which can be disseminated and well-utilized.
It is worth mentioning that more than 500 papers and researches were submitted to the conference, 83 of which were chosen after a scientific evaluation, as they address most topics included in the Conference agenda.

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