SR 180 Million Package of Projects for developing IT in Ministry of Education

Published 1 May 2010
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SR 180 Million Package of Projects for developing IT in Ministry of Education
Zahran, e-Media:
Ministry of Education launched lately a complementary package of strategic projects of SR 180 Million to develop IT systems all over its departments and administrations.
Dr. Gar Allah bin Saleh Al-Ghamdy, Consultant and General Supervisor over IT at the Ministry announced this at a press conference organized by Media Department in Education Administration for Boys in the Eastern Region. "FARIS" is one of those projects which is dedicated to financial, human and technical resources aiming at accelerating achievement, lessening any loss and utilizing IT in supporting the Educational process.
There is another under-preparation project, he said, for the development of educational management consisting of services for more than 56 beneficiaries. This project is envisioned to develop the administrative processes to go completely without documents and files at schools where students, teachers, school masters and supervisors will utilize such a development. The Ministry has taken pains to develop the e-Government transformation infrastructure through six new projects announced in previous time, he added.
There has been a keen interest, he stated, for organizing IT training programs where number of beneficiaries reached more than 14 thousand employees with the launch of these projects which will achieve a high quality movement in IT services offered within the Ministry to its beneficiaries.
Al-Ghamdy pointed out that the 5th symposium for IT Departments Managers all over the Ministry, which is to be launched today, will include a set of programs and workshops in addition to courses to elevate efficiency of attendees. Organizing so many courses via Internet before this symposium had a great effect in preparing attendees to have vital and effective participations in this symposium, he said.

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