Makkah train project to be completed by 2011

Published 1 Sep 2009
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Makkah train project to be completed by 2011
Riyadh -The train linking Makkah sites will be 35 percent operational by Hajj 2010 and fully up and running for the next year’s pilgrimage season.
According to a report by the Supreme Hajj Committee, the route linking Arafat, Muzdalifa, Mina and Jamarat Bridge at a cost of SR6.5 billion will reduce traffic congestion by 53,000 vehicles which surveys say belong mostly to domestic pilgrims and those arriving by land from neighboring countries.
Work on the plans started in January 2009 to the south of the holy sites, and further proposals are under study to look at extending the original plans to include a station near the Grand Mosque in Makkah linking to the express Al-Haramain Train to Jeddah and Madina.
The report also looked at trial housing projects in Mina to provide 25,000 pilgrims with improved accommodation.
The buildings have been equipped with sophisticated fire prevention and firefighting systems and have a computerized direct link center connected to the Civil Defense.
Source: SPA

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