Social Security Launches Self-service Through the Toll-Free Telephone

Published 2 Feb 2010
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Social Security Launches Self-service Through the Toll-Free Telephone
Riyadh, Social Security  Corporation launched its self-service through the toll-free telephone 8001243344 in both Arabic and English.
The Deputy Governor of the Corporation Fahd bin Abdurrahman Al Huwaimil said in a press statement that this channel will provide a 24 hours self-services for Businessmen, subscribers and users.
According to the Saudi Press Agency ( SPA) Al Huwaimil explained that businessmen can execute a number of self-services through the toll-free telephone such as knowing the number of workers registered in their companies and knowing the possibility of issuing certificates and the reasons for that and also knowing the last sum of money paid, date of payment in addition to enabling them to know the dues of the Company etc… while the subscriber could know the total number of subscription months, the date of joining the present employer, registered salary and the approximate pension amount and the subscriber could also know his account balance and the subscription period covered by the balance. The service will also enable the retiree to know how much  the pension amount is and the date of last pension payment made to him, and find out why the pension is suspended, and the date of the suspension.

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