Traffic to update data of applicants via mobile phone

Published 2 Jun 2009
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Traffic to update data of applicants via mobile phone
Riyadh - The General Directorate for Traffic has completed its coordination with the competent authorities to find a mechanism to update the data of citizens and residents who registered in the traffic system by (SMS) text messages via mobile phones.
The new service, "Al-Riyadh" newspaper quoted,  which is expected to begin within the next two weeks and with a nominal fee of SR 2.5 riyals,  the service applicant has to send a text message by his mobile phone to STC on 888993 and to Mobily on 623333, which contains his data for the purpose of registration his phone number, and the message should include his ID number, and expiry date of driver's license if available, or expiry date of the vehicle's permit "Form" and to be written in Hijjri date.
After that, the National Information Center will check the authenticity of sent data, then the telephone number will be registered in the database of the General Directorate for Traffic and to send a confirmation message to the applicant  for successful providing  the service within twenty-four hours.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:47 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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