E-registration in King Abdullah Scholarship Program starts

Published 2 Aug 2009
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E-registration in King Abdullah Scholarship Program starts
Riyadh - The fifth phase of King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) launched yesterday where the process of application will be processed on the website of Ministry of Higher Education .
According to "Al-Eqtisadiah" newspaper, the scholarship opportunities have been allocated for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees and medical fellowship in a number of specializations: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, applied medical sciences (nursing, x-ray, health sciences, laboratories, and medical technology) engineering, computer, fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry) Nanotechnology, law, accounting, e-commerce, insurance, finance and marketing.
The applicants should have a grade not less than 80% and the issuance of applicant's certificate not more than five years, if the applicant has a scientific certificate from abroad, the certificate has to be equalized in the Ministry of Higher Education before the application to the program

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