595 cases of Swine flu infections registered: Minister of health

Published 2 Aug 2009
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595 cases of Swine flu infections registered:  Minister of health
Riyadh - Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah held yesterday a press conference in which he extended condolences of Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, Crown Prince and Second Deputy Premier to the families of those who died of H1N1 infection.
During the press conference, Dr. Al Rabeeah shed light on the latest H1N1 developments saying a number of cases until today reached 595.
He stressed, according to "Al-Riyadh" newspaper, that it is still under control and there is no reason to worry as the death cases are still within the normal death rate.
He also said that the ministry is transparent in its dealing with the infection, stressing that it is doing its best to fight it in spite of its rapid spreading nature.
He added that the ministry has secured necessary medicines and detectors as well as reserved a sufficient amount of vaccination (nearly 4 million doses) expected to be in circulation in October. Dr. Al Rabeeah called upon all citizens and expatriates to carefully comply with the preventive procedures taken by the Ministry.
Regarding the Hajj season, Al Rabeeah said "the Ministry has invited more than 50 experts to devise a plan to ensure the safety of pilgrims in the coming Hajj season".

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