Ministry of Interior reveals attack details against Prince Mohamed Bin Naif

Published 2 Sep 2009
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Ministry of Interior reveals attack details against Prince Mohamed Bin Naif
Riyadh - The Ministry of Interior issued yesterday a statement on the attack against Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, the Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs.
The following is the full text of the statement: Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Quran "On account of their arrogance In the land and their Plotting of Evil. But the plotting of Evil Will hem in only The authors thereof. Now Are they but looking for The way the ancients Were dealt with? But No change wilt thou find In Allah's way (of dealings): No turning off wilt thou Find in Allah's way (of dealing).
An official source at the Ministry of Interior, according to Saud Press Agency, stated that the perpetrator of the attack against the Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, which took place on Thursday evening 06/09/1430 H, is one of the wanted persons whose names had previously been announced.
He is Abdullah bin Hassan bin Talea' Asiri, and has come from the region bordering the Republic of Yemen, taking advantage of the continuing efforts and existing coordination with the officials in Yemen to restore a Saudi woman and her children who previously left the country illegally and without the knowledge of the children's guardians.
This wanted person claimed that he is conveying a message to the Assistant Minister of Interior personally from the woman and her children as well as a group of Saudis who are living in terrible conditions and would like to return home after having realized the truth and regretted their misguided actions. Now they are beseeching the good offices of His Royal Highness to grant them amnesty against any legal action.

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