Saudi Armed Forces inflicted heavy losses on infiltrators

Published 2 Dec 2009
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Saudi Armed Forces inflicted heavy losses on infiltrators
Al-Khoba - Saudi armed forces has inflicted heavy losses on the infiltrators in the borderline after clearing operation for areas near Al-Dood Mount.
According to  "Al-Watan" newspaper, the armed forces representing by air force, infantry and Apache helicopters have launched  a military mission afternoon, during which they defeated the enemy and bombing its sites there, where the armed forces have continued to secure the southern borders in the adjacent villages to the Rumaih, Dukhan and Al-Dood mountains, while the Navy forces were combing the coastline of Jazan, with the participation of His Majesty's ship and the frigates stationed in the Aden Gulf, in addition to the aircraft "Super Puma" flying over the Saudi territorial waters to monitor any attempt of infiltration or smuggling of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:11 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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