One of the wanted by security authorities surrendered himself

Published 3 Sep 2009
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One of the wanted by security authorities surrendered himself
Riyadh - The security spokesman at the interior ministry said that Fawaz al-Humeidi Hajid al-Habradi al-Oteibi, who was wanted by the security authorities, has surrendered to the security authorities with the assistance of his relatives who had earlier received a call from him.
During the call, Fawaz expressed his desire to assist him for returning home. Subsequently the required arrangements were made to enable his return home and join his family. He was also enabled to perform Umrah (the minor Hajj) on Tuesday.
The security spokesman, according to "Al-Riyadh" newspaper,  said that Fawaz will be treated in line with the prevailing procedures in such cases and his initiative to return home and the role of his family in this respect will be taken into account when his case is considered. The security spokesman has reiterated the call of the Interior Ministry to all persons wanted by the security authorities to abandon the deviant ideas and to surrender to the concerned authorities so as to benefit from the circumstances which will be taken into account when their situation is tackled judicially.

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