A course in e-archiving in Jazan University

Published 3 Nov 2010
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A course in e-archiving in Jazan University
Jazan - eMedia:
For developing professional and administrative performance by recognizing applications of documents and transactions archiving electronically, General Directorate for IT in Jazan University held a session titled "electronic archiving" continued throughout the days of this week, which targeted a number of deanships and support departments staff at the university.
Engineer Bashir Al-Bisatti introduced the session, according to the university website, and he explained that the electronic archiving has many advantages including: easily exchange of information between users of the archive, with saving time and effort, whatever its size was, and the smooth flow of work within the system so that documents move through the stages of work seamlessly, and ease of integration with different techniques such as image processors, scanners, and maintain strict confidentiality of the data so that it can not be seen except by the person authorized to do so, and secure the data against any potential risks from regular archiving, and classification of documents in a manner appropriate method of work in the organization.

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