University of Baha Students' Administration Goes Electronic

Published 4 Feb 2010
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University of Baha Students' Administration Goes  Electronic
Jeddah. Within its endeavor to computerize the  academic work the University of Baha began implementing an electronic administration of the Students' Affairs in cooperation with a private company.
The Vice-chancellor of the University Dr. Sa'ad bin Mohammed Al Hareeqee said that this system will lessen the work of officials at the University because transactions will be done directly from the student or faculty. The Vice-chancellor added that the implementation of self service will raise the electronic efficiency of the University staff and saves time and effort because there will be no need for coming to the University's Admissions Deanery for registration or admission or even to other departments to conclude any work. His Excellency added that the new system also integrates with other programs of high efficiency in many fields such as e-learning, distance learning, e-libraries and electronic portals with a guarantee of protection and confidentiality. The program also enables faculty and academic advisers to carry administrative and academic work such as receiving student registration lists and entering marks and inquiring about information in students  database and also communicate with students e-mails.

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