2nd monitoring phase for Gov service sites launched

Published 4 May 2009
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2nd monitoring phase for Gov service sites launched
Jeddah- Jeddah Municipality has recently begun 2nd phase of monitoring and updating e-government service websites based on newly completed data which weren't available in the first phase.
The general director of administrative communications and electronic archiving in Jeddah province, Engineer Numan Mahmoud Abdel-Manie, said that the first phase of monitoring and updating government service sites according to plans that have been divided into seven atlases for government services including health and education services, both boys and girls in addition to religious, security, entertainment services as well as transportation and commercial services.
He added that 2nd phase aimed at continuing the updating for these sites related to service agencies in the frame of plans of division as well as monitoring of first phase, which update more than 7000 sites, including 3798 sites which provide benefit to service agencies directly to set up development projects such as schools, hospitals and civil defense centers, as well as centers of security services.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:47 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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