Yesser participates in a workshop on computing clouding

Published 4 Aug 2010
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Yesser participates in a workshop on computing clouding
The e-Government program “YESSER” participated in a workshop organized by international Intel Corporation on Computing Cloud on Tuesday 22/8/1431H.
Assistant General Manager of the Program Eng. Ahamed Al-Khaiary, delivered an explanatory preview about the Program and all its related applications in the e-Government Transactions. He pointed out how computing cloud can be utilized in this field stressing the urging and incentive role played by YESSER program enabling government Agencies to be transformed into e-Government.
The Workshop illustrated details about the notion of the Computing Cloud which is regarded as an advanced technology in transferring the processing and storage space of PCs to what is called “Cloud”. As a result, all IT programs will be transferred from being products to be services.
The utmost benefits of such a technology appear in keeping IT maintenance and programs development away from the Utilizing Agencies. In this respect, such utilizing Agencies will focus their efforts on using services only where the Computing Cloud infrastructure is to depend on developed data centers offering huge storage spaces in addition to providing some programs in a shape of services for users which means a vital benefit for e-Government transactions in the Kingdom in General.

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