Stuxnet attacks 6 million PCs in China

Published 4 Oct 2010
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Stuxnet attacks 6 million PCs in China
Beijing – California, PA:
After Iran, it is China which has been the latest target of the computer virus named Stuxnet. Dubbed as the world's "first cyber super weapon" by experts, the virus is infecting millions of computers around the country.
Wang Chan Tao, from a prominent International Corp. for Software, said that Stuxnet is capable of breaking into computers that control machinery at the heart of industry. After that it allows the attacker to assume control of critical systems like pumps, motors, alarms and valves. Apart from this, it can also explode factory boilers, destroy gas pipelines or even cause a nuclear plant to malfunction..
It is worth mentioning that there are 420 Million internet users in China, as per official statistics issued by China’s Internet Information Center.

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