Saudi stock market regulator ranks 16th at the world level

Published 4 Oct 2011
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Saudi stock market regulator ranks  16th at the world level

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According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2011 published by the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Saudi Arabia comes in the 16th position with respect to stock market regulation.  This is a remarkable jump from 26th  and 64th positions in 2010 and 2009 respectively.

The report comprises 12 key indexes including economic index that measures the macro- and micro-economy in competing countries in order to establish their competitive capacities. Furthermore, the index measures stock market efficiency in each country. It reviews investor protecting rules and regulations. Saudi Arabia overtakes some states in the territory and in the world like AUE and Malaysia  that rank  31st and 17th respectively.

Since established more than three decades earlier, the World Economic Forum contributes to  highlighting the main factors of economic growth in world countries. It also provides decision makers and business leaders with substantial information to help them draw advanced economic policies feasible to the recent era developments and to their people needs.
The Capital Market Authority, regulator of stock market in Saudi Arabia, has taken several steps to complete the regulation side of the market and ensure sustainable trust. Following consultations with professionals and investors, it  has issued 14 rules that are now in force.                                                                                          

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