CITC warns of Conficker-C worm

Published 5 Apr 2009
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CITC warns of Conficker-C worm
RIYADH - The Specialists in the National Guiding Center for information security at Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) warned of spreading a malicious worm called «Conficker», which infect the computers of private and public enterprises, as the reports monitored from several sources, according to SPA.
The Center explained that the worm exploits a bug in the Windows Server service and its main trick is to disable anti-malware protection and block access to anti-malware vendors Web sites in addition to its capacity to disseminate through the various storage media and shared folders involved in networks and Windows operating systems. Three successive generations have been emerged since last October; the latest is called (Conficker.C).
The third generation is characterized that in April will be activated and begin searching in the Internet URLs randomly to update itself or instructions from the lead hackers to exploit PCs. The harmfulness of Conficker worm on PC is seriously as it infects and disables protection systems in PCs.
The National Guiding Center for information security warns all users to take care by using safe methods to avoid the danger of this worm on their PCs.

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