Jeddah Construction permits to be issued electronically

Published 5 Apr 2009
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Jeddah Construction permits to be issued electronically
The Directorate General of Construction permits at the municipality of Jeddah Province organized a pilot training workshop for four engineering offices on an experiment to electronically introduction of residential building permits, prior to the actual commencement implementation of the system next month.
Engineer Omar Al Humaidan, Director-General of the building permits explained, according to Saudi Press Agency, that the pilot training for engineering offices, which began yesterday, comes in the framework of preparations by the municipality for implementation of the electronic system in the area of building permits aiming to develop and streamlining the procedures for obtaining license of all kinds whether residential, commercial or service in record time and through a transparent, flexible and disciplined system.
Eng Omar mentioned that training method focuses on entering of a full application contains of owner's data, property instrument, regulatory area, including land intended for construction and dimensions.
The system then will display all data related to application and whether there was a violation of building or not, and then go after the licensing procedures automatically including payment of fees until the end of proceedings.
He added that objectives of the automation of building permits are expeditious the completion of transactions in accuracy, facilitate the procedures, satisfy the citizens, and will also ease the effort made in the old paper-based system after the transition to the new system put gradually into action to avoid any mistake.

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