Soon.. the Interior Ministry offers its service via SMS

Published 5 Jun 2010
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Soon.. the Interior Ministry offers its service via SMS
Riyadh, e-Media: The Ministry of Interior has planned to offer its serves through SMS. Such services which are submitted through different sectors including the civil status, traffic, and passports will be soon available on mobile phone to be directly utilized concerning any changes occurring on the data registry relating to citizens and residents. Such a new service will be operated in accordance with a specific system at the National Information Center to follow up any changes in the citizens' and residents' registries. Alert and interactive messages will be automatically sent as per a language chosen by subscribers. Coordination is now made among security and service sectors of the Ministry to offer their services in conformity with the effective systems and to achieve the optimal benefit for subscribers. The important services offered through this system include notifying the subscribers that their ID reached central printing, reminding them that their documents about to end such passports, driving license and Residence Permits in addition to other notifications. After verification of communications no. and IDs, such a service will be offered aiming at supporting subscribers to avoid fines that may result from being late in renewing documents or settling violations. In addition, it will be a simple easy-to-use channel between subscribers and the Ministry for availing other future services.

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