KACST participates in WiMAX global conference

Published 5 Jul 2009
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KACST participates in WiMAX global conference
Dubai - King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has participated in the events of global conference of broadband communications (WiMAX) 2009 which held in Dubai amid a great presence and interest by institutions and individuals concerned with the application of this technology.
The director of joint center between Intel Co. and KACST for wireless broadband communications researches, Eng. Fahd Bin Ibrahim Al-Hussein has submitted work paper which review the functions of Joint Center based in Riyadh, pointing out that the center aims to promote the researches on broadband wireless networks, supporting the spread of WiMAX application in Middle East and Africa, noting that the number of operators which have been launching its WiMAX services amounted 65 operators in 38 countries.
According to "Al-Jazirah" newspaper, Eng. Al-Hussein has highlighted in his work paper on four sets of services, ranging from advisory services, processing devices for service, a global center for source of information, research and development and managed services.
The work paper also dealt with the Center's advisory service, which will cover a wide range in terms of definition and evaluation of licensing, identifying detailed solutions for planning and structure and installation of reference networks and roaming, as well as voice services over Internet Protocol.

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