Minister of Labour launches e-Inquiries using SMS

Minister of Labour launches e-Inquiries using SMS
5 Oct
Riyadh, e-Media:
Eng. Adel Bin Mohamed Fakeih, Minister of Labour, announced that his ministry has been implementing the e-Government in accordance with a strategic methodology on real life.
He confirmed that the Ministry has sought to complete such a tendency to have more progress for all beneficiaries through communicating with all concerned Agencies.
He pointed out that such e-Inquiry services using SMS have been envisioned to simplify transactions for beneficiaries saving time and efforts.
This includes a set of services such as inquiries about Istiqdam and employment status.
On his part, Dr. Mufraj Al-Heqbani, Deputy Minister for Planning and Development, confirmed that the Ministry will complete all its e-Services by the coming year indicating that the Ministry has been moving through a transitional stage regarding some e-Services before being launched for the Public.
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