Electronic Registration for Pre-university Diplomas Begins Monday

Published 6 Jan 2010
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Electronic Registration for Pre-university Diplomas Begins Monday
Riyadh- The Ministry of Civil Service will announce next Saturday the details of the mechanism for registration of government job applicant's data for pre-university diploma holders. The registration will commence on Monday 25/01/1431H through the website of the Ministry and will continue for three days.
According to the Ministry's portal, the Ministry of Civil Service Spokesman, Abdul Aziz Bin Abdurrahman Al Khinein, said that female applicants registration will commence at the end of the month of Safar while the registration of intermediate and secondary school certificate holders who do not hold any diplomas will begin in the month of Rabea Al Auwwal.
Al Khinein stressed the need for accuracy in registration and that  candidates should ensure accuracy through printing and revising the content and comparing it with the documents they hold. The registration, he added, is aimed at having a comprehensive list of holders of academic qualifications who wish to apply for government posts. Registration he continued, does not mean the appropriate job is ready for them, he noted that registration does not include employees already holding posts lower than those specified for them and that previous lists of diploma holders will not be referred to any more, therefore they should re-register.

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