Electronic Mandate for Obtaining Visas

Published 6 Mar 2010
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Electronic Mandate for Obtaining Visas
Riyadh.  The meeting of Saudi Notaries which was also attended by some members of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry held here recently stressed the need to finalizes transaction urgently and standardize procedures in Notaries in include them in one Guide to simplify procedures and safe keeping and accuracy of documentation. This could be achieved by holding more workshops for Notaries and officials of the Ministry.
According to "AlYaum" newspaper the meeting recommended a review of the circular regarding the issuance of work visas by liaison agencies independently from agencies specialized in work visas. The meeting also called for periodical updating of the guide issued by the Ministry of Justice and issuance of new guides for procedures for all sections of the Notary in addition to include the Notary in the website of the Ministry of Justice.

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