SR 141 million for Saudis Training & Employment in Private sector

Published 6 Apr 2009
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SR 141 million for Saudis Training & Employment in Private sector
RIYADH - The Director of Human Resources Development Fund (HDF), Ahmed Mansour Al-Zamil announced that the Fund has spent 141 million SR for the training and employment of Saudis in the private sector enterprises during the first quarter of 2009.
He pointed out in a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that HDF has signed 359 support conventions in the same period, where such conventions provided 12,956 job opportunities for men and women in a number of required specializations by the labor market, and about 4745 job seekers actually employed during the first quarter.
HDF Director-General has urged the enterprises that have signed support agreements to speed up submitting its financial demands and signing of electronic exchange convention to get its credits.
On the other hand, HDF has provided a support program for employment stability incentives, which aims to motivate the beneficiary employee to acquire employment stability in the enterprise supported by the Fund in order to bring him practical experience and to develop his skills and abilities.
The support program is one of the field study results carried out by HDF through a consultancy firm on employment leakage of manpower in the private sector.

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