Automation of Land-surveying discussed by Jeddah Municipality at the annual forum for Surveying

Published 6 Apr 2010
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Automation of Land-surveying discussed by Jeddah Municipality at the annual forum for Surveying
Jeddah, eMedia:
Jeddah Municipality discusses today through two specialized papers, the automation of land surveying works, the preparation of sketches, the geographical registration and the e-Transfer of the old documentary survey sketches. This is to be illustrated at the annual forum for surveying that starts today in Medina titled: "Latest Technologies role in improving surveying works".
Dr. Suhail Madani, Deputy assistant of Mayor of Jeddah for technical affairs, pointed out that automation of surveying works and sketches preparation relies upon a set of perspectives that tackle the elimination of man's faults in regards to reading or writing of surveying measurements. The latest surveying equipments can register all measurements electronically using storage devices that can be easily accessed and transferred.
The automation process will save time and efforts spent by surveying specialists and engineers. It will also help unify both the geodic reference and the Jeddah Municipality mapping coordinates system for drafting maps of land surveying, he added. This will consequently contribute in unifying all works of surveying using the relevant equipments to get accurately unified results.
Dr. Madani stated that Jeddah Municipality will be capable of checking the accuracy of surveying works executed by Engineering Offices and Contracting Corporations. It will be able to unify samples and data of surveying sketches in addition to accelerating all works related to surveying sketches to achieve transparency when offering such services to citizens lessening any possible faults in this regard.

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