A website for Eid Festivals in Riyadh

A website for Eid Festivals in Riyadh
6 Sep
Riyadh, SPA:
Riyadh Region Municipality launched a website that is dedicated for Eid Al-Fitre Festivals this year to cover all events at more than 40 locations all over Riyadh.
The website services includes a daily following up and update of news of all events and programs in addition the detailed maps and photo-guide which points out directions to festivals locations. The website contains a detailed schedule for events in addition to mobile SMS to identify different events.
The website is regarded as an archive containing all topics published in newspapers about Eid festivals in Riyadh through a daily-updated press kit which includes video-clips of best events, a forum for dialogue and suggestions.
The Municipality will offer 10 laptops for ten persons who registered at the website through a draw that will be made at the end of the festivals in addition to a variety of other presents. Registration can be done on the Link:
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