E-link Between Ministries of Interior and labor Inaugurated

Published 7 Mar 2010
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E-link Between Ministries of Interior and labor Inaugurated
Riyadh (SPA).  The Ministries of Interior and Labor have launched the electronic link between them. The step will help make data between the two ministries comparable and with high accuracy and speedy.
This was disclosed to the SPA by the Deputy Minister for Planning Dr. Mufarrij bin Saad Al Hagbani adding that the service to be provided include registering enterprises and adding new branches to it, applying for visas, modifying visas or cancelling them, issuing work permits or renewing them, issuing residence permits and renewing them, changing professions, transferring services, final exits or changing the status of the worker.
The Deputy Minister explained that the exchange of information between the two Ministries will be done on the bases of each service separately.  Among the services to be provided are the entry of workers into Saudi Arabia where the worker will be registered in the registry of workers table. As for the issuance or renewal of work permits and residence permits the information to be exchanged will be through various stages beginning with sending new or renewed permits data.
As for amending of profession  the data concerning the change of profession will be when the necessary data is completed, studied and approved by the Labor Office and then sent to the Ministry of Interior for registration and either approval or rejection. If approved by the Ministry of Interior then the profession will be changed in the data bases of the two Ministries and if rejected then reasons must be stated. Among the services the data of which will be exchanged by the two Ministries are final exit and transfer of services.

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