Kingdom celebrates World Health Day

Published 7 Apr 2009
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Kingdom celebrates World Health Day
Kingdom celebrating with the world today the World Health Day to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organization, which focused this year on the slogan, "Save life .. Secure hospitals in case of emergency situations."
Dr Khalid bin Mohammed Margalani, General Manager of information and health education said, according to the Saudi Press Agency, that the World Health Day this year 2009 is devoted to issues of "emergency at hospitals", under the slogan "health facilities in emergency situations", which highlights the importance of ensuring adequate supplies of health facilities to meet the anticipated risks and to ensure its readiness to continue to perform its functions.
Losses are often recorded in cases of emergencies, disasters and other crises, including loss of natural, biological or technological, social or crises associated with conflict, he added.
Margalani pointed out that the Kingdom is one of the few countries in the world to apply the system of referral to the private sector, where emergency and critical cases referred to the private sector in case of unavailability of beds at health facilities. The ministry bears all costs for treatment of patients at the private sector, stressing that choosing the Kingdom by the World Health Organization amongst 22 countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region to be transferrable place for medical treatment of the WHO staff in the acute emergencies reflects an international tribute to the remarkable level reached in the field of emergency medicine services.

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