CDSI begins numbering 47 cities today

Published 7 May 2009
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CDSI begins numbering 47 cities today
Riyadh - Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI) begins today the pre-last phase of numbering buildings in regions of Asir, Tabuk, Baha, Al-Jouf and Northern Borders, which will last to 19 July.
The numbering process, according to "Al-Hayat" newspaper, aims to identify the boundaries of cities, according to the maps available from the municipalities and divide the districts into sectors, numbering of buildings, and to distribute cities' quarters and sectors into areas of statistical work for the inspectors and observers.
The total number of cities which will be numbered at this phase about 47 cities, and about 70 thousand buildings will be also numbered during this phase .
On the other hand, the Information Committee for Census and Housing discussed the operational phases of media plan to aware citizens and residents of  the importance of Census of Population and Housing.

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