GCCs Council approved electronic clearance among Gulf States

Published 7 Sep 2010
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GCCs Council approved electronic clearance among Gulf States

Jeddah, SPA:
The President of the one hundred and sixteenth edition of GCC Ministerial Council Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Al-Sabbah Al-Salim, Kuwait foreign Minister, confirmed that electronic clearance will be implemented in Customs union among GCCs.
This came in the press conference held by Sheikh Al-Sabbah and the Secretary General of GCCs Abdurrahman Bin Ahmad Al-Atiah.
Al-Sabbah confirmed that discussions made among ministers of Finance, Economy and Commerce will report to the next Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi.
Concerning negotiations with the European Union  and the economic penalties on Iran, the Secretary General pointed out that deliberations are continuous after they suspended for two years due to non-responding attitude of the Europeans towards requests of GCCs.
On his part, Al-Attiah stated that GCCs relations with Iran originated from historic times, adding that there are so much business and trade with Iran where the Inter-relations are based on respect.
Kuwait’s Foreign Minister said that GCCs have higher ambitions and objectives where all Concerned entities will exert their utmost efforts to achieve such ambitions in accordance with the GCCs leaders’ aims.
He pointed out that Kosovo’s cause has been deliberated in some conferences.

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