Kingdom will spare no effort for enriching the cultural movement in Arab world: king said

Published 7 Oct 2009
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Kingdom will spare no effort for enriching the cultural movement in Arab world: king said
Riyadh - Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud realizes in his speech, which delivered on his behalf by the Minister of Culture and Information at the First Arab Publishers Conference, the importance of the role of publishers in the cultural process.
The conference is organized by the union of the Arab publishers in cooperation with the Saudi publishers society under the title of 'Future of publication industry  in the Arab world.
King Abdullah, according to "Al-Yaum" newspaper, expressed his hope that this conference will be a genuine breakthrough towards an organized publication of Arab books that enrich our own cultural arena and fulfill the aspirations of our people to reach an advanced cultural level leading to construction and development. We refer to our Islamic and Arab bright past in science and knowledge and the dissemination of culture in all its forms by our scientists all over the world.
On his part, Prince Turki al-Faisal, the Chairman of the board of director of King Faisal research and Islamic studies center and who is the Honorary President of the Saudi publishers society, noted that according to a report released by the Arab Thought Organization in 2007 that there is only one book for each 12000 Arab citizens, while there is one book for each 500 Britons and one book for each 900 Germans.
 Prince Turki said the average of reading in the Arab world does not exceed four percent compared to the average of reading in England. This issues needs an elaborated study, he said.
Prince Turki urged all concerned parties to conduct an accurate statistics on the printed Arab thought production effective from 2010, he said adding that this issue should be given a great attention by the Arab publishers union and the regional unions.

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