New disease detection system to improve pilgrim health services

Published 7 Oct 2009
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New disease detection system to improve pilgrim health services
Riyadh - A new disease detection system is to be introduced for this year’s Hajj season which will serve to create a database to improve pilgrim health services, the Minister of Health has announced.
Minister of Health Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, addressing the Hajj Preparatory Committee in Riyadh Monday, said the move would in the years to come “be useful as a resource to researchers.”
According to "Al-Yaum" newspaper, Al-Rabeeah assured the Committee that preparations for the swine flu threat were “excellent”, and noted that his ministry had ordered large quantities of vaccines and set up three diagnostic laboratories in Makkah and the holy sites to test for the virus using Molecular  Polymerization techniques.
The minister reiterated that all international measures were being taken to ensure the safety of the vaccine and that coordination with the Food and Drugs Administration in North America, Europe and the Kingdom was continual.

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