Preparations to receive pilgrims in Ramadan completed

Published 8 Aug 2009
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Preparations to receive pilgrims in Ramadan completed
Makkah - The concerned authorities to pilgrims and visitors service have made preparations for the large number of pilgrims and visitors gathering in Makkah in the holy month of Ramadan and have in place the required number of workers and equipment to implement all tasks.
The General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques Affairs has started yesterday to carry out its plans  for Ramadan and providing all services needed to pilgrims and visitors of Holy Mosque in Makkah.
The President Deputy for Two Holy Mosques Affairs, Sheikh Mohammed Nasser Al-Khuzaim,  according to "Al-Jazirah" newspaper , said that the plan aims to disseminate tranquility , serenity inside the yard of Holy Mosque and providing a worship atmosphere and other services for awareness pilgrims with their religious issues.
He added that the plan includes five aspects  which include guidance and awareness of pilgrims' and distributing of books of Holy Quran, guide booklets  in addition to providing  Zamzam water, special vehicles for people with special needs and other maintenance such as lighting, air conditioning and organizing movement of worshipers inside and outside the Mosque.

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