Traffic disputes in Makkah to be received on email

Published 8 Aug 2010
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Traffic disputes in Makkah to be received on email
Makkah, e-Media:
The Director General for Traffic Administration Sulaiman Al-Ajlan, approved an email address for traffic disputes and cases at Makkah’s Traffic administration to communicate with citizens and residents with regards to any traffic disputes.
Colonel Ahmed bin Nashi Al-Etibi, Manager of Makkah’s Traffic administration pointed out that such an email is envisioned to open new channels for communications with citizens and residents to receive their inquiries and suggestions and to solve any objections and disputes that may arise. This will contribute in developing work of the disputes solving agency to address any problems related to traffic safety, he said.
He stated that all traffic cases and disputes will be received on MAKKAH993@HOTMAIL.COM in an advanced step to easily finalize all traffic problems.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 3:20 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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