Saudi researchers invent a new system for Internet Content Management

Published 8 Aug 2010
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Saudi researchers invent a new system for Internet Content Management
Jeddah, e-Media:
Saudi researchers at King Abdulaziz University have invented a new system related to Internet Content management for Arab users.
The newly invented system has specifically been designed for Arab users containing numerous systems related to Academic Establishments which will easily disseminate educational tools on Internet.
Invented by Dr. Khaled Hussein, Dean of IT at the University, and Mohamed Farouk Abou Alsaud, Manager of the University’s website Applications Administration, such a new system will automatically disseminate contents on different search engines via a library provided with a set of programs that support various search engines. This will easily evaluate websites regarding quality, size, dissemination and interaction, using a combination of world-class standards in addition to other criteria specified by IT Deanship in this respect.
Dr. Khaled Hussein pointed out that the University Management approved the system which contains a lot of statistics designed for follow up process both on personal level and Higher Administration levels.
He stated that the new system can contain an unlimited number of digital contents in addition to websites and users. He added that it has been provided with a flexible advanced mechanism to issue authorizations that can be merged with the active director if needed. The new system is marked by its automatic evaluation in addition other manual standards that can be added or ignored when required to have results automatically shown.

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