Makkah Governor launches Hajj Media Campaign

Published 8 Nov 2009
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Makkah Governor launches Hajj Media Campaign
Makkah - Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee, Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, launched a national media campaign on Saturday urging pilgrims to be responsible during the Hajj and perform their rites properly.  “This year’s media campaign is a translation of the development plan for the Makkah region under the motto: Development of Man and Place,” the prince said at a press conference at the governorate.
He reiterated that the government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah considers serving pilgrims a cherished honor. “Therefore we are not surprised to see the government implement giant projects around the year in the Holy Sites, Makkah and Madinah at a cost of billions of riyals, carried out by thousands of officials, employees and security men who volunteered to join this sacred duty,” Prince Khaled said.
He said the campaign was aimed at realizing two main objectives: encouraging civilized and responsible conduct and enlightening pilgrims about the correct methods of doing the Hajj. “Our religion is one of cooperation, discipline and civilization. There is no need for any kind of worship which is done against rules and regulations and may cause harm to the others.”
He asked domestic pilgrims, whether citizens or foreigners, to obtain Hajj permits before proceeding to perform the Hajj. “We do not want to put hurdles or prevent citizens or expatriates from performing the pilgrimage but we are aiming to cut the road before unlawful pilgrims so they do not cause inconvenience to regular Hajis,” he said.
The prince said preventing ineligible pilgrims from performing the Hag will enable the regular pilgrims to perform the pilgrimage in ease and comfort, enable government organizations to provide the best possible service, maintain cleanliness and create a positive atmosphere during the pilgrimage.

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